Sunday, August 15, 2010

Falkland Islands - Port Stanley.


  1. Hello Johan,
    How did you have such a wondeful postcard ? Thank you. Regards !

  2. In most cases I looked for mint cards at flea-markets and putted a "self-adressed" postcard with one or two International Reply Coupons with it and sent those under envelope to the postal authority of that country asking friendly to return the card.
    Other cards are from asking family,friends.
    For this card I signed in (and paid!)with somebody from Germany;normally I had to receive 20 pcs with special cancellations from Antartic bases,ship,Islands.
    I only received 12 and after several e-mails with no reply I couldn't find this person on the www.
    I will put on more older cards.

  3. Merci, Johan ! Ça me fait beaucoup plaisir de visiter votre blog. Dommage que je ne parle pas néerlandais. Bonne semaine !