Monday, April 23, 2012

Croatia / Hrvatska - Rovinj.

Thank you Adi for this nice card showing the old part of the town and the Tower of the St.Euphemia Church.


  1. Until 1945 its name had been Rovigno and 90% of inhabitants were Italian-speaking people (Venetian dialect). The Yugoslavs forced many of them to go away and some had been killed in cruel way.
    The Italian ethnic population in this town, nowadays, are about 12%.
    All architecture is in Venetian style.

  2. It is still officially a double-language-town. On the postmark there is written "ROVINJ (ROVIGNO) 52210" and on the card there is written "Rovinj Rovigno". A part of my family has origin from there. At Rovigno there is an important association of ethnic Italians

  3. I am happy that you like the postcard I sent you. I agree with Lorenzo... The Italian influence here is still very strong. We also have Italain schools (Primary and High school) and almost everything is written both in Italian and Croatian.
    But, I don't egree with some of the facts that Gio Ve wrote, although it was an Italian town befor WWII.
    Anway, happy postcard collecting :)