Thursday, October 4, 2012

United States - Skagway.

This is the most glittering postcard I ever got !Thank you Glenn !


  1. Johan,
    Even though this card was postmarked in Juneau, I posted it at the Skagway Post Office. I don't really know how it ended up with a Juneau cancellation. The one I sent myself , also read Juneau. That was disappointing , I really wanted it postmarked Skagway. It seams no matter what one does, sometimes it never works out. Remember the Torbay card with the 2013 year date. same thing.
    take care

  2. Dear Glenn,
    Here at my postoffice they simply refuse to put a date cancellation from Overijse on a stamp;it has to go through the central mail (Brussel/Bruxelles X).You have to pay more and more for less service.