Friday, November 2, 2012

Germany / Deutschland - Eidengesäß (Linsengericht) im Naturpark Spessart.

Vielen dank an Helmut Eiden ! Helmut has a webpage His total of postcards is 90.000 (Yes ninety thousand !)

Postcard was cancelled in his hometown Brüchköbel.Helmut collects also postcards from every country,territory,island in the world and I'm pretty sure if there's somewhere some land sticking out of the water he has a postcard of it.He also collect cards wich shows a V.W.Beetle on it.


  1. ...90,000 good wishes for You.
    Your collection is amazing indeed!
    Take care of Yourself.

  2. Helmut's collection has 90.000 cards;I've just passed 44.000.

  3. Dear Johan

    good collection of post cards of word wide on various themes. Great. Keep it up your collection.