Thursday, June 5, 2014

France - Mont Saint-Michel.

Aerial view from a fantastic place (wich I visited once);thank you Axel.Car Parking is down on the right in this picture;otherwise it's preferable to park a little bit before Mont St.-Michel.


  1. Hm glad to see that the stamp for french interior use at reduced rate and slow speed delivery, worked fine for Europe as well;-)Nowadays one can't park his car so close anymore. There's a BIIIIIIIIGGGGGG parking lot about 5 km's away with a free shuttle service by bus. It's mandatory to park his car there. I visited it once while I was a kid, couldn't remember much. But it's not recommended to visit with little kids or when you're in a wheelchair because a) the alley's are real small and b) after a few hunderd of meters only stairs make it possible to visit the upper situated abbaye etc.... A disgrace. I've seen some people in a wheelchair left behind at the entrance waiting for those who accompany them....Anyway the card is a real pleasure to have sent it...

  2. There's a huge project to return the Mont St Michel to being an island and they now have a bridge across.