Tuesday, August 19, 2014

SRI LANKA -Medirigiriya / Watadage.

Another nice postcard sent by Ravindra.

This is the backside;I life at number 29a and I receive every week between 5/10 postcards buth Bpost still managed to damage the front-side of the card while there is enough space at the back !!! They need also more than a month to find me ! (30/06/2014 ---- 18/08/2014)


  1. Hi Johan,
    Thanks for sharing this postcard sent by Ravindra featuring Sri Lanka. What I know about Sri Lanka is that they have Buddhism and Hinduism as their religious beliefs, and they have an interesting collection of rare or endangered wildlife – Sri Lankan Elephant, Leopard, and the Maha Rath Mala rhododendron
    If it’s 2014 stamp issues, I don’t think that StampWorld.com online stamp catalogue I usually visit has these stamps of Sri Lanka yet.

  2. Hi Kevin,

    from all the postcards sent by Ravindra you only can say that Sri Lanka must be a real spectacular Island.
    The stamps are also very,very nice !