Wednesday, September 20, 2023

DEUTSCHLAND - München - Bavaria Statue.

This is a Monumental Bronze Statue in Munich (18,52m. High and weights about 87.36 Tons).
It's the Female Personification of the Bavarian Homeland.
Thank you Dustin.

Fotoverlag Huber


DEUTSCHLAND - Dachau - Concentration Camp Memorial Site.

One of the First Concentration Camps where in this Camp alone some 41,500 People where killed before and during WW II.
Reminder that Peace must be cherised and War Pointless.
Thank you Dustin.
Fotos : Josef Pröll


Monday, September 18, 2023


View of the Oldest Parish Church of Münich;The St.Peter Church (Alter Peter).
Münich is the Capital City of Bayern (Bavaria) and is well known for their topclub Bayern München and also next month for the Oktoberfest.Thank you Dustin.

Fotoverlag Huber


DEUTSCHLAND - Sylt Island.

Sunset on Sylt Island wich is a North Frisian Island connected to the Mainland by the Hindenburgdamm (Westerland / Sylt - Niebüll / Schleswig-Holstein Mainland)
Thank you Dustin.

Schöning Verlag


Wednesday, September 13, 2023

LA RÉUNION - Parc Nationale de La Réunion - La Plaine des Sables.

Since 2010 an Unesco WHS.
Thank you Jean Pierre.

Edition - Photo : Serge Gélabert


FRANCE - Agde.

Joutes Nautiques sur l'Hérault or Water Jousting consist on trying to push the person from the other boat (also standing on a platform) into the water.
Thank you Jean Pierre.

Photo : H.Comte


FRANCE - Decize (58.Nièvre)

Very nice views of this Town with the label Cité de Caractère de Bourgogne-Franche-Comté (since 2019)
Thank you Jean Pierre.

Cart'Image Editions


Monday, September 11, 2023

CANADA - Winnipeg.

Winnipeg is the Capital-City of the Province of Manitoba.
Looks like a very nice City !
Thank you Aaron.

PCF - The Postcard Factory


UNITED STATES - Bradbury Science Museum.

This Museum shows replicas of Atomic Bombs Little Boy and Fat Man.
The Manhattan Project created this weapon.
Thank you Aaron.



Inside look of Meow Wolf,House of Eternal Return.
Meow Wolf is an American arts and entertainment company that creates large-scale interactive and immersive art installations. (Wikipedia)
Thank you Aaron

Meow Wolf Inc.
Kate Russell


Tuesday, September 5, 2023

JAPAN - Osaka Castle in the Winter.

Thank you Jobbo for this lovely card of Japan.
I stopped Postcrossing so mayby that's why I don't have that much of Japan-cards.
I had to look up Tonkatsu buth I didn't eat it already,looks delicious!!

NBC (Nippon Beauty Colour)Inc


PRINCIPAT D'ANDORRA - Sant Julià de Lòria - Sant Serni de Nagol (Church of Nagol).

Romanesque Church from the 11th Century and on the Cultural Heritage list of Andorra (BIC). Thank you Josep and Assumpta.



Thursday, August 31, 2023

ÖSTERREICH - Salzburg Museum.

View of the impressive art on this ceiling in the Neue Residenz located in the Old Town Part of Salzburg.Thank you Dustin.


FRANCE - Série Poste Aérienne.

Thank you Gilles for this postcard with permanent valid International stamp.
Jean Mermoz was a Famous french Aviator like Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wich is better known for his book "The Little Prince",Le Petit Prince.



Stamp is from 1936 : "Poste Aérienne"

Thursday, August 24, 2023

ANTARCTICA - GERMANY - Georg von Neumayer German Antarctic Station.

Thank you Gilles for this card showing the build up for the first version of the station in 1981

Hagenbach Maximumkarten

1981 : Polar Exploration


DEUTSCHLAND - Historical Post Buildings on German Stamps.


FRANCE - Musée du Sapeur-Pompier Mulhouse.

Thank you Gilles for this Fire-fighting related Postcard.
On the card a Steamp Pump (Pompe à Vapeur) from 1868.

Éditions La Cigogne
Photo Rudler

1982 - The 100th Anniversary of the National Federation of Fire Fighters.



Bedankt Paulien !


Monday, August 14, 2023

ENGLAND - Goodison Park.

Thank you Jean Pierre for this card of Goodison Park (Capacity 39,572),home of the Toffees or the Blues Everton FC.
In fron of the Stadium the Statue of Dixie Dean.

ssl souvenirs & gift Ltd.

The New Head of State and the Former.
2023 : River Wildlife - Brown Trout
2019 : Music Giants - Elton John - Madison Square Gardens,2018


ENGLAND - Anfield.

Thank you Jean Pierre for this famous Anfield Football Temple,home of the "Reds" Liverpool FC since 1892.(Capacity 53,394)

ssl souvenirs & gifts Ltd.


Royal Mail Warrington
Buses : Classic British Double-Deckers 2001

ÖSTERREICH - Bergheim bei Salzburg.

Thank you Dustin for this card of the Wallfahrtsbasilika (Pilgrimage Church) Maria Plain bei Salzburg.

Fotos : R.Weidl / Verlag St.Peter


Sunday, August 6, 2023

TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS ~ Grand Turk Island.


CATALUNYA ~ Sant Pol de Mar.

Nice Aerial view of the Town and Beach with on the left the Motorway and right the Railway wich links Sant Pol de Mar to the rest of the Coast.
Thank you Albert.

Foto : P.Sauleda


DEUTSCHLAND ~ Helmstedt.

Helmstedt lies in Niedersachsen and was a passage of the former inner-German border between West-Germany and West Berlin. 
Thank you Dustin for this card of your new home

© Eva-Maria Wedekind